Dart Shaped Shell
Fin Stabilized, Inert

CALIBER- 150 mm

LENGTH- 2200 mm

WEIGHT- 115 kg

4 folding fins

Fuze- Dummy







picture: D. Nagott

  The four knife blade fins are housed in recesses in the body to which they are hinged at one end. Some rotation of the projectile is necessary to throw them out after ejection from the gun. In flight they are held in position by a spring stop which determines the angle they make with the body.
 A considerable amount of research appears to have been carried out on the design and number of fins required to give optimum projectile performance having regard to stability and range. Wind tunnel experiments and theoretical calculations appear to have been supplemented by extensive firing trials in which photographs of the projectile in flight were said to have been taken. These trials determined the optimum angle to which the knife-blade fins were allowed to open, but no definite figure was obtained, though it was stated that the right angle position had been superseded by one in which the blades sloped backwards.