The Jewish Cemetery
It was a big surprise one day, when walking in the living area, to see a new constructed cemetery. It is constructed on the former Russian soccer field.
Along the sides of the soccer field where metal benches on a concrete underground. In the middle, on the left side, a covered high stand for the officers. Only the concrete underground is left. All the metal parts are stripped down.
The Jewish people who are buried here where former captives from the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.
Short before their liberation by the British Army, April 7 1945, they were put on transport by train.
On April 13 the train was liberated by the US Ninth Army not far from Hillersleben. The Americans used the facilities in Hillersleben for housing and nursing of these former captives.
Some stories of Jewish people who lived for a short period in Hillersleben are linked below.




     Moshe J. Vorst his story
   Magda Braun
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