The Bundeswehr
Training Area
Gefechtsübungszentrum Heer

Military Territory
Border of the Army Trainings Area
Practice and use of Laser.
Unexploded Ammo! Danger!
Unauthorized entrance is not allowed. Trespassing will be prosecuted.
The Commandant
Since 2001 the German Bundeswehr uses the Colbitz- Letzlingerheide as training area.
 With the "Gefechtsübungsycentrum Heer" (GÜZ), an army combat training centre (CTC), the German Army steps into a new dimension of training.
The grade of reality at the German Army CTC will be reflected to each participant (player)- to both personnel and vehicles- by simulation of weapon deployment and weapon effects, by specific sensors and software, and by an extensive data exchange between each player and the exercise control centre.
(source: Dornier GMBH- Friedrichshafen)
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"Gefechtsübungszentrum Heer"