The "B Platz"



The Range was situated West of the main road at 24.500 m. The main  entrance of the range was a little bit further north at 25.300 m.

The "B" Range was used primarily for testing of concrete and armor piercing ammunition.


A 150 ton gantry crane could serve the range. Running east-west over 3 lines of tracks spaced over 30 m. The maximum lift was 9 m.

The track most north served a plate store which contained armor plates of 70, 100, 130, 160, 200, 220 and 250 mm thickness.


The center track served the guns which were tested there. A large number of guns, of various caliber, was found here. Including a 30.5 cm lined to 20 cm., and a 30.5 cm gun, both in cupola mountings.

A number of 60 cm. shells and cases was also found.


A large number of steel plates were in the area of the southern gantry track. This was the target area.

At the west end a conventional plating butt with sand bays, but without provision for preventing ricochets.

 The stocked steel plates were new and attacked. Also some square 1.5 m castings which appear to be used as plate holders. Towards the center and east, the targets were mainly concrete blocks.

On the firing line 43 Royal Tiger tank hulls and 13 smaller unidentified hulls were stored.


Ammunition was brought to gun positions by narrow gauge track. Several magazines were located behind the firing line. Several buildings, one of which was an Old inn, were utilized as office buildings.