The "A Platz"


  Entrance descend to the West wall "Festung" seen from the south. Picture taken in the early 90's . The complex was in use as scrap yard of the Russian Army.  


It is difficult to imagine that this crater with concrete rubble is used in the UFA Movie "The West Wall"

Once it was a full scale pilot model for the later constructed West Wall Fortifications.

The "Waffenamt Pruf Festung" constructed it in 2 years. It was fully operational in 1939.


The best description of the fortress we can find in the CIOS report. The entrance, closed by a grill, lies 15m deep at the end of a descend (see picture above). The installations were intact and complete. Only the turret guns were missing. The gun turrets were subjected to attack for trial purposes. Other damage was not visible.


Entrance gate, narrow gauge railroad track, diesel-electric generators, air blowers and purifiers (see pic. below), water pumps, telephone cables, power lines, elevators and complete fire control equipment were in perfect state of maintenance and thoroughly proofed against moisture. It could be placed in operation with little effort.


Of all this is only one tunnel with technical installations not complete destroyed. Difficult and dangerous accessibly. Lately it was seen on German television how they got in with ropes and ladders. Not the easiest way to get in.


Remains 1

Remains 2


Heavy Part


Observation Bomb
Proof at 22.500m

Pipes in 15m
underground tunnel

Filters and Pipes

Diesel engine
left side view




Air filters

Diesel engine
right side view"now"


Sand coming in
at entrance


Entrance "then"




Diesel engine
right side view "then"