The Russians in Hillersleben
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The Hillersleben Proving Ground was taken over by the Russians in July 1945 after the Americans has left. In the years of the Cold-War the site was build out as a important Army Combat Training Centre.
Parts of the 3th Russian Shock Army Magdenbourg were housed in and around the Colbitz/ Letzlinger Heide. All kind of Battlefield scenery where constructed to train the troops in Shock Tactics.
All kind of arms are used in the training centre.
Over the years they constructed a large amount of buildings to house the large quantities of soldiers.
Most 5/6 high buildings some with 3 rooms apartments for the officers with their familys. The most of the buildings were fitted with large rooms for a lot of beds.
Some Brigades and Regiments witch were located around the Proving Grounds are:
  Army Troops (parts)  

Born          -

Planken     -

Colbitz       -



448th Rocket Brigade SS 21

385th Artillery Brigade

49th AA Rocket Brigade SA 11

  47th Tank Div. (parts)  

Hillersleben -

Hillersleben -

Hillersleben -

Hillersleben -

Mahlwinkel  -




26th Tank Regiment

153th Tank regiment

1009th FRR

7th PAklB

245 th MSR

99th AR

  12th Tank Div. (parts)  

Mahlwinkel  -

Mahlwinkel  -


117th AR

18th PAklB


In Staats on the North side of the Proving Ground was also a Russian Army Group. Witch one I don't know. They had a lot of heavy material. Tanks, Trucks and recovery trucks and tanks.

When East and West- Germany were reunited we could "visit" the Russians in East- Germany. Once behind the guard nobody asked you anything. Because it was the guard it's duty to do this. Even when you was on the Proving Grounds with a automobile and you went out, the guard opened the gate and salute you.

But now their gone. No more rumble of the T-76 and the sounds of the big guns firing their last rounds.
No more Russian soldiers who try to jump10 meter with a crane truck because they didn't want to take it back to Russia.
 Some of the living areas are taken over by the German Bundeswehr. Other areas are taken back by nature little by little.
We collected a lot of pictures and souvenirs concerning the Russians in Hillersleben. Found a lot of black and white negatives witch show them in their normal live.
The pictures are put in different categories.