Office of the Artillery Officer
    6 may 45
  I  PURPOSE          
   The purpose of the Proving Ground is to calibrate, star gauge, make technical inspections, replace tubes where needed and repair all calibers of artillery in the Ninth US Army.
   The Proving Ground  is located in the German Ordnance Proving Ground near Hillersleben, Germany (Y565150). It is operated under the supervision of the Ordnance Officer, Ninth US Army, using the 265th Field Artillery Battalion 240H as the operating agency.
  III  PERSONNEL        
   The Proving Ground is set up to handle efficiently 134 enlisted men and 6 officers per battalion. The following personnel should report with material:
    2 Battery officers (executive and assistant executive) per battery.
    1 First sergeant or acting first sergeant per battalion.
120 Cannoneers and drivers per battalion. (for super-heavy
                                                       battalions, entire gun sections).
    2 Cooks per battalion.
    1 Cook's helper per battalion.
    2 KP's per battalion.
    1 Orderly and tent guard.
    1 Mechanic, artillery, per battery.
    1 Mechanic, auto, per battery.
    1 Medical aid man.
   Medical facilities are not available at the APG. Special sanitation instructions will be issued upon units arrival at the area. Personnel will cooperate 100% with standing instruction of the APG on matters of Sanitation.
Units ordered to the APG must appreciate the great problem this Hqrs. has in its sanitation with so may units passing through.
   1.  The following required equipment will accompany each unit reporting for calibration to the APG:
1 Aiming Circle per Btry.
2 Aiming Stakes per gun.
1 Firing Table per Btry.
1 Graphical Firing Tables per Btry.
   Complete Gun Section Equipment
   Gun Book for each piece.
   2.  Fire control and O.P. equipment is not required. Metro, F.D.C., and OP's will be handled by the personnel of the APG.
   3.  Ammo is available in uniform lots at the APG and will not be carried to the APG by the Unit.
  1.  Personnel will be carried on the Battery Morning Report as "Temporary Duty, Artillery Proving Grounds". Length of absence will be approximately three (3) days plus travel time to and from APG. Should the occasion arise, the Personnel Section of this Hqrs. will give certified extracts of pertinent entries for M/R or Sick Books.
  2.  MESS

  a.  Officers' messing facilities are available in the Transit officers'  mess. No mess gear need accompany the officers.

  b.  Each unit will be establish a mess for the enlisted personnel of their unit.

(1) One complete kitchen will accompany each Bn.
(2) Rations will be carried for the trip plus one (1) day.
      Rations for the stay and return trip will be drawn at the APG.
(3) Water is available. Cans will be required for transportation to and from WP
      to kitchen.
(4) Mess gear will be required for EM.
  3.  Gasoline is NOT available at the APG and sufficient gasoline will be carried for the round trip plus a small amount needed for the kitchen and camp administration.
  4.  Tentage and cots are available for both officers and EM. Bedding rolls or blankets are required. NO bedding will be available at this Hqrs.
  5.  It is suggested that rubber boots or arctics be brought.
  6.  A limited supply of toilet paper should also be brought.
  VII  GENERAL      
1.  Gun positions, including pits, will be prepared by the personnel of the APG.

2.  Ammo details need not to be furnished by the unit firing.

3.  Super-Heavy Units (240mm How & 8" Gun) need not bring their cranes. Cranes and operators are available 

      to emplace guns.
4.  It is very important that Units bring their gun books and that entries are up to date. It is suggested that
     Battalion Commanders cause these books carefully checked before the Units departs for the Artillery
     Proving Grounds as improper entries or failure to bring books will only cause delay in calibration and
     disruption of the schedule at the Artillery Proving Grounds.
5.  Units will arrange their travel so as not to arrive at APG before 1.00 of the the day scheduled. departing
     Units will clear the the APG before 12.00 on the day of release, if release comes before 10.00.
     If they are released after 10.00 the senior present will contact the Billeting Officer for additional time at the
     APG or permission to leave at anytime he may set.
6.  Areas must be cleared by the Area Commanders before any Unit leaves. Specific instructions will be
     received upon arrival at APG.
7.  No advance parties are necessary. Senior officer with each Unit will in person contact the APG
     Executive, Headquarters, Building, on two hours prior to the arrival of his Unit.
8.  Cameras will not be brought on the Grounds.