The Proving Ground at Hillersleben  


Was built in the period 1935-1938 on a scale that requires personal inspection for true appreciation.74,769,785 Marks was allotted for construction and facilities. 70 million marks had been expended by October 1943 when major construction was suspended. But the construction of targets was going on just too the end of the War.

The reservation lies between Hillersleben, in the South, and Gardelegen in the North. It lies within the Forest covered Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide. Itís long axis is about 30 km. Several little towns were demolished for the space needed. The farmers were given new farms and houses in other regions.

Approximately 3000 persons were employed. The composition of the personnel varied during the War. At the beginning, there were 30 to 40 officers, 20 to 30 enlisted men, 60 to 70 technical engineers and 2900 workers, of whom about one-third were women. In August 1944 the actual strength was 4370, of whom 764 were woman.

An estimated 200,000 rounds per year were fired for the research, development and testing of Artillery and Artillery Ammunition.
Below you can find some maps. The black and white date from the late 30's.

Situation 1929


Observation Points along Fire Range

Location of Firing Points


Hillersleben South