The American presence in Hillersleben is known after the report of the Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee G-2 Division. Target No. 2/17 Artillery & Weapons.

8 April Operations ceased

8-12 April Destruction by German Army

13-17 April Capture by Americans, 30th Div, 2d Armd Div.             

17-29 April In charge of 30th Div, 2d Armd and 102d Div.                

After 29 April In charge of 265th FA Bn.

As a result, only the equipment too difficult, or inconsequential, to be destroyed, and what was overlooked by successive occupants remained in a state capable of ready operation or analysis.

Papers, in general, were thoroughly scattered, and in the buildings which had been occupied by Displaced Persons, segregation of material for evaluation was a fool task in the strictest sense. A considerable amount of damage was done by our own troops, and much that might otherwise have been evacuated remains as junk.

It is believed that local employees acting on instructions of the German officials removed a considerable number of small, valuable items. Time and organization did not permit the exhaustive search necessary to recover such material.

One of the conclusions of the investigator was:
There is a real value in lives and dollars to the war effort and post-war national defense of the United States in the information, materiel, ordnance, documents and instruments obtained here in Hillersleben. But realization requires a thorough integration of the collection and evaluation task into our current and future activities.

Ninth United States Army
in Hillersleben
6 May - 12 June 1945
Marching- Orders

Head Quarters

Officers Mess

Post Theatre

Guns & Ammunition