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German Period

American Period Russian Period Jewish Cemetery Bundeswehr

On 13 April 1945 the American 30th Div. and 2d Armd.Div arrived at "Versuchstelle Hillersleben" in the Province of Saxony. About 18 km Northwest of Magdenbourg.
They were immediately impressed by the tremendous size. The wide part is about 11 km, it's long axis 30 km. Coupled with the generous supply of buildings, instruments and machine-tools made Hillersleben an ideal Proving Ground for its purpose:
The Development and Testing of Artillery and Ammunition
Germany's secret Artillery weapons were developed and tested on the grounds. The 80 cm Dora fired it's first shot. Other railroad Guns like the K5 and the 30 cm Smooth Bore were used to test Long Range ammunition. The 60 and 54 cm Howitzers fired shots on the range. All kind of Flak, Pak and artillery were tested.
This Website informs you about the History of these grounds. First used by the German Army Weapons Office(1935-1945). A short period in 1945 by the Ninth US Army.
Later by the Russian Army and now these days by the German Bundeswehr.


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